Estimates vs Project Pricing

We only provide project pricing on small jobs with very clear requirements.

For most projects, we will present an estimated price range. Changes in venue and amenities, project goals, or project content can all cause variations in the amount of time and expertise that we must invest in a project.


We offer a 5% discount for on-time payments.

We offer an additional 5% discount for non-profits.

We want to ensure that we capture and create the best video possible for you or your customers. Different venues, activities, and goals create needs for different equipment and expertise.

To assemble a reliable estimate, we need to know more about your audience, goals, final product, and of course, your budget. Give a look over a sample list of topics below, then send us an email or give us a call!

  • Project Purpose
    • Goals (souvenir/educate/inform/inspire/move to action/etc)
  • Reaching Your Audience
    • Demographics (age/ cultural expectations/ gender/ etc)
    • Reason for watching (education/ entertainment/ donation/ etc)
    • Final Format(s) (web video/ DVD/ television broadcast/ feature film/ etc)
    • Duplication
    • Distribution needs
    • Viewing venue(s) (website/ home TV/ theater/ benefit dinner/ etc)
  • Pre-production Needs
    • Research
    • Writing / Storyboarding
    • Location scouting
    • Talent scouting
    • Test shoots
    • Shoot management
    • Crew hiring
  • Video Elements
    • Interviews
    • Narrative voiceover / Translation
    • Candid activities
    • Performances
    • Still graphics/ Photographic images
    • Animation
    • Music (recording/ licensing)
    • Stock/ Pre-existing footage
  • Styles / Techniques
    • Single / Multi-camera
    • HD or SD
    • Corporate / Professional
    • Experimental / Artistic
    • Edgy / Rough / Handheld
    • Simple
    • Documentary
  • Timeline
    • Filming dates
    • Completion date
    • Distribution date
  • Other Misc
    • Travel
    • Meals
    • Location fees