Easy Distribution Methods

  • Unpackaged DVD
  • Packaged DVD
  • Podcast
  • Web hosted videos

Something else?

Give us a call! We'll figure out if its within our capacity, and if not, we'll refer you to someone within the talented Seattle community that can meet your needs.

Documentary-style Shorts or Features

We started here and this is where we shine! We know how to give your story a motion picture look and feel, but more importantly, we craft your message effectively. We bring the soul of your story to life.

Non-Profit Promotional Videos

How well does your web site tell you story? Does it show who you are? Does it show the personal impact you're having? Or the scale? Bringing together genuine interviews, inspirational music, and the careful art of storytelling, your message becomes radiant. Show them off at benefit dinners and other fundraising events, like house parties.

Conference Lectures and Workshops

We can mobilize small or large crews for conferences and workshops. You'll save travel costs,increase productivity, and bring in income for your organization! Our conference services include audio recording (for CD's or podcasts), facilitating multicam shoots, editing for content, and delivering to your audiences on the web or DVD. Leverage those celebrity keynote speakers with interviews and promotional messages!

Personal Promotional Videos

Move networking to the next level by making a first impression before you've met! Help clients understand your practice and pique their interest by giving them a preview of your services.

Event Videography

From large-scale corporate events to the most personal life moments, we're experienced in working in a wide range of environments. We can keep a low profile, or jump in and help guide the action. We'll meet your needs, and surpass your expectations!

Legal Documentation

We're experienced with working discretely and being sensitive to the needs of families going through challenging times.

Performance Record

We work with you to produce the performance recording that fits your needs. We understand the value of staying wide to capture all choreography, and alternatively the need for multiple cameras to provide a more artistically edited product. Our cameras serve us well in low-light conditions, and enhance the rich colors of the stage beautifully.

Biographies and Memoirs

Capture the expressions and sentiments of your family members in their own, beautiful, high-quality video. Create a treasure for your new baby or grandchildren, or all your extended loved ones.